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Turbeaux Twisteaux's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Turbeaux Twisteaux

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a present for you blokes [21 Aug 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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*LOL* [11 May 2004|12:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just watched Lost Boys in fucking japanese.

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hey check me the fuck out [28 Apr 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

some bird made me a new icon. Not that I'm gonna use it all the time, but you know, I only had one. How come nobody noticed this? the fuck, I mean, all you guys have icons, how come I only had one?

True, Trying to cram my hotness into 100x100 pixels is hard.

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I <3 me [16 Mar 2004|12:16pm]
[ mood | horny ]

and I do so exeptionally this morning, because
1. we are taking the world by fucking storm
2. I think I get even more unutterably sexy with every passing day, as if such a thing were possible without divine intervention, and maybe that's it, because we all know god is a fan
3. I am totally psyched for our interview with shojorama solaris, THE cutting edge music magazine on which, I might add, we, my fellow musical superstars, are going to be on. the. cover.

are you hyped, people? are you!? YEAH!!

...someone come in here and pay me some attention. ^_^

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what the fuck? [04 Mar 2004|10:46am]
[ mood | wtf mate? ]

okay so like what the hell, people? I'm expecting some serious edge of seat camped out overnight in the rain like I'm trying to get married in san fran here and all I'm getting a big fucking yawn!

OMFG get it together! I'm supposed to be adored, goddammit!

so start adoring already!


of course maybe it will be better after the release, you know. Should be.

better be, or I'm gonna knock some heads together.

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[05 Sep 2003|01:09pm]
...Has anybody seen my pants?
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[17 Aug 2003|09:14pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I know we didn't win the battle of the bands this past weekend, but I gotta say:

Dude, I totally showed them!!!

Details and shit forthcoming....

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new song lyrics [26 Jun 2003|09:23pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

that's right, dammit, I can write songs too, you know. (and nobody else seems to be....) anyway, I was stuck in the train station today and some girls were reading that twelve dancing princes whatever manga by halo's angel, the chick who's collaborating with mars? anyway, I scribbled this out on the back of my train schedule, thought we could do the video in kind of the same theme, you know? kind of like labyrinth or something, lots of candles and sleeves and masks and bubbles and shit. You figure out the details, JL, I'm just the face in this outfit.
minuetCollapse )
PS: I want a pair of grey snakeskin tights, man.

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A song [16 May 2003|01:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys. Did everyone abandon ship or what?

Anyways I wrote a little song. I figured we need some more ballad-type tunes ever since Lawrence's song -- remember how we totally just about killed that waitress with it? I figure one more song to leave them sobbing couldn't hurt.

I call it... "Restless".

Tell me now how long it's been
How long I've walked
And when we're stopping?

We've been through hell and
We've been back but
Somehow I'm still burning!

And if I tell you baby that
I'm waiting for the end...
Will you let me rest my head at last?
Put down the future and the past!

And lay it down
And lay me down

You can say that life's alright
You can tell me to keep going
But I know my time has come
And for whom the bells are tolling

Lay me down
Lay me down and keep on going
Need to rest this weary head
Lay down from this journey that I don't
know where it's ending...

Lay me down and just be done

Tell me just a little more
three more steps and
we'll be home just one more bend.

Tell me if I just hold on
Hold my hand please
Hold my hand!

We've been through hell and
We've been back
But somehow I'm still burning.

And if I tell you baby that
I'm waiting for the end...
Will you let me lay it down...

Lay me down
Lay me down and keep on going
Need to rest this weary head
Lay down from this journey that I don't
know where it's ending...

Lay me down and just be done

Lay me down forever!

I love you baby but I can't go on
Not one more step
Not one more turn
I can't keep climbing
til the sun stops burning

Let me lay it down
Let me lay down
Lay me down forever.

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[09 May 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

God! What is going on in this house? Why hasn't anyone even bothered to ask me what's wrong? Geez, you guys!

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[28 Apr 2003|09:57am]

when I was a kid, I used to practice my autographs. I would sign anything, the walls, my schoolbooks, my arms and legs. I realized pretty soon on that my name was kinda shit for fame, and if I was going to be anybody I'd better come up with something a little more flash than what my mom saw fit to give me.

I knew too that it was just a matter of time before I would make it big, name or no name. I had a chart on my wall, "days until fame", I figured I'd be there by my twenty-second birthday. I'd cross off a day every morning.

And now, I'm wondering how long I've got before I'm face down in the bathtub, drugged-out, burnt-out, and forgotten.

I don't have it in me to count the days.

today's lesson... [25 Apr 2003|08:53am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

if i was just okay looking, didn't have a voice like a fucking angel and wasn't a sex machine i would still get paid. and i will tell you why: because i am smart.

take, for instance, this hypothetical situation:

say you wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. i mean really thirsty, like water from the sink isn't going to do it. so you go downstairs to the kitchen and you are standing there half asleep and drinking out of the carton when you realize that someone is in the living room. of course you go have a look. and what do you see but these two friends of yours making like it's the set of a warhol movie, rolling porn, high as hell, and fucking like it's nineteen-ninety-nine. jesus.

at first you might think to yourself, "fuck! no one tells me anything!", and then go to your room and jack-off.

or you might say, "hey... that looks like fun... sandwich time!", and then go about inserting yourself into the situation.

but if you were me, you would be smart.

you might, hypothetically, sneak back up to your room and finally manage to find your digital camera that someone nice gave you for xmas. then you might go back into the living room, grab your self a front row seat on the sofa (drugs make you oblivious, don't do 'em, kids!) and take some very interesting pictures of your friends doing things that normally require some kind of permit.
after they pass out, you might go up to your room, fire-up your laptop and bring up ebay.

you finish loading your photos and setting up your auction, then you jack off. you are still thinking about fucking your friends, but on top of a huge pile of money!

that is what you might do, if you were smart like me.

then the next morning when the nice person who gave you the digital camera is pissed at you because you look "like hell" (whatever that means) from being up half the night, you can just think of the money you are making right then, smile sweetly and say you'll take a nap later, instead of flipping him off like you would if you had no money forthcoming.

i love a good hypothetical situation. almost as much as i love being smart. and fucking gorgeous and talented.

do you guys want to go out to dinner on saturday?

it'll be my treat. ^^

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bored bored bored [15 Apr 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | bored ]

maaaaaaaaaaaan there is nothing going on around here! And where is everybody? LL took off again, LJ is sleeping the day through, and I can't find anybody else. JL are you still at the office? what are you doing?

hey, did you guys hear that Augustine himself nearly got wiped out by a tanker? it was on the news this morning. The hospital says he was treated and released, but some fangirls had seen his car and they're all convinced he's dead. looks like someone hit it with a steam roller. daaamn. I mean, I think he's a creep and a slimeball, but I wouldn't wish that on anybody. you guys think he's still alive?

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[14 Apr 2003|10:16am]
[ mood | pleased ]

see? I TOLd you guys we would totally rock. The Isaacs were so lame, I can't believe anybody even stuck around for it. Okay, their front man is kinda hot.. he sort of reminds me of somebody but I don't know who, but still, I mean, A hot guy lead singer is not the most important thing in a band, right? I mean, yeah, it's a BIG thing, but we had WAY more girls screaming our name. Some girl even asked if we had an offical website and fan club yet and I said no, but I sent her over to JL to work it out. Did you talk to her, LJ? I think it is a good idea, there were a ton of girls there, you know?

LL, what the hell were you doing last night? you looked like something out of a NIN video this morning. and you left a greasy streak in the tub. You better clean that up or JJ is gonna bust your ass, you know what I mean?

Anyway we rock! And we need to finish up songs for this album, guys, because out studio contract is starting soon and we've got a shoot and interview for the music section of Newtype this week. So keep it on the up and up, okay? *L* lookit me I'm starting to sound like JL arg kill me now.

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Damn. [10 Apr 2003|09:32am]
[ mood | excited ]

I am getting so fucking excited about this weekend's show. We are so gonna kick ass.

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[03 Apr 2003|11:37am]
[ mood | smug ]

Honestly, L.L., everybody, I don't know what you got all worked up about yesterday. Of course evie o. would back us and only us. The Isaacs are complete losers and Armistice knows it. Besides, who could resist a comic featuring me?

Seriously, where's the faith? Don't tell me you guys believe that they might be better than us, even for a second? I'm disappointed in you guys.

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*totally amused* [27 Mar 2003|02:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I SO got a better score with like "Turbeaux Twisteaux" on my first try, but like, no way could I resist being a kebab-eating pirate monkey. I mean, you know how hot I look in pirate shirts, right? and kebabs are like, you know, KEBABS, right? right? yeah.

is a
Kebab-Eating Pirate Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 6.3

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat TurbeauxTwisteaux, enter your name:

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[24 Mar 2003|12:27pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Check out this icon and tell me I am not the fucking sexiest man alive. I thought so.

And yeah, Lucas and I had a good time this weekend. He definitely needed me to show him how to have a good time. Desperately Seeking Susan, whatever!

Where the hell are Lawrence and Jesse? I thought Joey said something about them coming back today. Shit, nobody tells me anything. Wieners.

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[21 Mar 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | pleased ]

I am such a fucking genius.

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the cat was away. obviously. [20 Mar 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

I came home to my castle, and what did i find? JJ and LJ sprawled out on the sofa in the living room, watching Desperately Seeking Susan.
That's what they do while i'm away? That's it? We need to have a meeting, this is not the normal beahvior of a rock band. By the laws of nature, I should've found them piss drunk and fooling around on the sofa! Jesus. Sure, they both look worn out, but it's probably from staying up all night baking cookies. *sigh*
And where the hell have JL and LL got to? No one tells me anything!

That's it, I'm taking those two out tonight. Someone needs to show them how to do the thing properly.

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